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Besides our very popular self-drive safaris where you rent a 4x4 Land Cruiser or HiLux from us but do you own planning and organisation, we also offer two very popular alternatives:

The "Guided 4x4 Self Drive Safari" for the group experience and the very personal and individual "Exclusive Guide Safari" - both following the same routing but are differently organised.

The "Guided 4x4 Self Drive" Safari

This option is predominantly of interest to explorers, who are planinng a group event but want to drive their 4x4 vehicle themselves. However, a professional guide accompanies the group in is own vehicle and will guide the particiapants through an outstanding routing. He has an excellent background on the region, its culture, animals and flora and will add significantly and make the trip an unforgettable experience.


The guide is not only familiar with the best overnight spots and the sounds of the night, he will also organise all necessary permits en route, supports at border posts, river crossings and in the camp; he cares for food replenishments in the next village, secures diesel supply in remote areas and offers help and assistance in many other situations.

The group enjoys the safari and every single moment while our guide is active in the backround. Nature, animals and cultures raise to a different dimension with the backup and under the guidance of a professional guide. 

Planning and overall preparation of a trip are reduced to the maximum and all organisational requirements are prepared by us and long before you depart. With our guide alongside you can enjoy your Safari through the remotest regions of Africa and without any apprehensions. Experiencing the scenery around you, its animals and culture and all under the headship of our guide will provide you with a different dimension.

The "Exclusive Guide" Safari

This option is addressed to the family or a private group. Our guide shares with you the vehicle and if you want him to do so, he can also drive it.

Thus the guide is always within reach for all immediate questions and aspirations. Instantly he can explain animals you spot, specifics of the landscape you pass, every single bush, cultural observations and people. And certainly he will also care about all organisational matters, camp and kitchen.

This safari option offers highest flexibility. As you may have special interests or are flexible with your travel time, we can always amend a schedule, extend, shorten or vary the itinerary.

Our most popular Safaris

For both the "Guided 4x4 Self Drive" as well as the "Exclusive Guide Safari" we have pre-packed, interesting itineraries of varied length and for different regions.

We offer some fixed departure dates which you may want to join or we can gladly try acoommodating your personally preferred travel time. With some lead time this is generally possible.

Discover now our most popular Safaris:

kompass_2.png   15 Days: "Magic Botswana"
kompass_2.png   15 Days: "4x4 Namibia"
kompass_2.png   26 Days: "Botswana Namibia Overland"

why deciding for a guided safari

Some travellers are experienced in organising such a venture into Africa, have the time and love to do it. Others are famliar with the region and do not fear the challenge. However, many others rather prefer to rely on a professional organisation and the skills of an experienced guide. Reasons can be very different and perhaps you can identify one or the other reason which works for you:

  • The newcomer to Southern Africa, who wants to get a first taste
  • The off road novice who prefers to have an expert along for the many difficult situations
  • Remote routes where a second vehicle is suggestive or even mandatory by regulations
  • Groups of friends, families, colleagues and clubs who are looking for a good organisation
  • Incentive programmes of companies, who need to rely on professional advise and guidance
  • The traveller who wants to get to very remote areas but is not to keen to drive and rather let the guide drive
  • People who are thirsty for knowledge and like a close exchange with an expert
  • Persons who just do not have the time to organise such a trip
  • The very individual and special event in life
Included Services and Organisation

All our Safaris are offered as a complete package, which gives you the best price transparency when planning your trip. There are no extra or hidden costs and you get a precise outline on the final costs for such a venture.

For every schedule offered we offer three different options:

1. You are getting a fully equipped vehicle and we do all reservations of camps and lodges. On your arrival you will get all relevant vouchers and descriptions. The rest lies with you. This is the most selected option.

2. In addtition to option 1 a guide will be available and accompany you.

3. On top of vehicle, camps and guide, this option includes all addtional costs like fuel, food, permits and possible activities. This is a comprehensive care-free package and everything will be organised and is paid for.

Included in this complete package is:
  • Land Cruiser or Toyota HiLux with air condition, long-range diesel and large water tank, rooftop tent with all bedding, complete camping equipment, compressor fridge/ freezer etc.
  • Comprehensive insurance with excess
  • All running costs, like fuel, oil, etc.
  • All fees for park entries, ferries, roads, border crossings etc.
  • All overnight costs
  • All quoted activities
  • Full board including breakfast, lunch, dinner and soft drinks
  • The safari guide and his side costs and if necessary kitchen team
  • Reference books, maps, etc.
  • 2-way radio, GPS and SatPhone where appropriate

Not included is generally:

  • Alcoholic beverages (can be purchased separately)
  • Meals in chalets or lodges unless included in quote
  • Personal insurances etc.
  • Visa (if required)
Overnight en route takes place mostly in designated camps or chalets with appropriate facilities (toilets, showers etc.) and occasionally in the open bush.

The schedule of our 4x4 Safaris starts at the airport where we will welcome you on your arrival. At the end of the trip it will also end here when we return you for your homebound flight. Everything is arranged for and there are no additional provisions to be made from your side.

And if you are planning to extend your vacation, like on an island in Mozambique, we gladly assist with booking arrangements.





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